Bob Willet

Professional Player Development Coach - Calgary Canada & Southern California
- Won a National Championship with NAIT Oaks College 1988-89
- Trained/coached players for 30+ years. Full time basis for the past 19 years.
- Trains nationally ranked high school and middle school players in Canada and US.
- Trains some of the top University and College Players throughout Canada and US.
- Player Development Coach to SK Knights (KBL Pro Team out of South Korea)
-Player Development Coach to DB Promy (KBL Pro Team out of South Korea)
-Lead Skills Trainer for Top 70 Nike Big-Man Camp in Seoul Korea.
-One of the Elite 8 Japan Skills Trainers for over 100 players.
-Lead Skills Trainer for West Coast Elite Jr All American Camp (325+ players).
- Trained 500+ players since young that have gone on to play at the College/University level, I.e. USport, ACAC, PAC 12, ACC, BIG EAST, BIG WEST, BIG 12, Mountain West, etc...
- Train 80+ overseas pro players. Many of which have trained with me since young.
-Co-CEO Bloodline Sports Management (currently 12 Pro Athletes signed and positioned)
- On the court with minimum of 300+ players on a weekly bases. With my team Nolan Willett, David Kapinga & Matthew Guinto.
- Deuce Brand - Manage Global Strategic Partnerships. Including all Deuce Brand Elite Camps globally.
My training style consists of game situation based training, position specific training, high quality repetition training, overall skills development, high IQ game situation recognition. We attach a WHY to absolutely everything we do and teach on the court so our players pick up the concepts quicker and are able to have it translate in their game play.
Confidence on the court comes from being prepared in the following areas of the game:
- advanced ball handling
- advanced perimeter and post scoring footwork
- attacking the basket (understanding angles, initiating contact, etc...)
- off the dribble shooting
- off the catch shooting
- changing speeds and directions with the ball
- on and off the ball defense (half of every game you ever play is on the defensive end)!!
- overall basketball IQ
"It's not what you say you are, it's what everyone else says you are"
Instagram: @bballwillett